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I am a Principal Sustainability Advisor in Forum’s food team. My experience lies in food, ecosystems, commodities, and land use. I work on projects using futures like Tea 2030, and work with a range of partners on future strategy like Mondalez, Jordans Ryvita, and John Lewis Partnership.  During my time with Forum, I have also worked on food and energy projects that have helped contribute to making the Bristol city region one of the UK’s top Green cities.

After leaving school in Bristol I ended up living and teaching in an isolated community in Guyana. Besides learning how to manage a dugout canoe for the commute to work, it opened my eyes. I spent a year working with small sugar farmers in Kenya, then after university fell into a research position in Mexico City for two years. I got a great opportunity to spend time with small farmers on the margins of the city looking how the city provided both opportunities in terms of the market but also degradation of their environment. Moreover, I added Spanish and Tequila drinking to my CV.

I came back to the UK knowing that I wanted to use these insights and conversations to shape my career. I’m no farmer, but isn’t it beneficial to have a closer relationship between grower and consumer? After dipping my toe into the finance and travel world, I ended up at pioneering Fair Trade organisation Twin Trading, founders of Cafédirect and other leading Fairtrade brands. I helped tell farmers' stories and link them into a network in the UK and beyond, as well as helping build new business opportunities.

What floats my boat outside work

My time outside of work is set around the joy of a young family. Luckily it means I can keep enjoying camping, being outdoors and eating.

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